Reducing dependency on insurance companies and legal costs by providing proactive compliance services.

We handle compliance confirmation, enabling your distributors and franchisees to focus on sales and customer service.

Who we help

Service companies who use independent distributors, franchisees or Independent contractors.

What we do

DFS will monitor and manage compliance for your company with a custom program  suited to your company’s specific needs. Our strategic partners will help to protect  and increase your production, productivity and profit.


Incorporation is a step numerous companies with independent contractors are taking to reinforce the independent business relationship. This strengthens the business model.


We have two Vendor Partners who are established accounting firms who specialize in routed product delivery companies.

Truck & Business
Package Policy

Protect yourself, your business and ‘mission critical’ equipment from loss

Health, Dental & Vision

We have programs specifically designed for IC’s.

Disability, Life/AD&D
Cancer/Specified Disease

Provides 24-hour coverage should you get sick or injured and are unable to work.


Being a business owner is an on-going learning process, we have resources to help.

Financial Coaching

Cost containments do not help unless you implement them. It is nearly impossible to be 100 percent confident your distributors are 100 percent in Compliance with INC Contracts. With DFS, you can be confident we are monitoring and making sure everything is being done to correct any issues.

Our goal is to help you anticipate and act on potential risks to your success ‘up front’ so you can enjoy a business that you’re proud to own and is profitable. Managing the risks and liabilities your business has helps you focus on your opportunities and that increases your income and retained earnings.

Distributor Franchise Services (DFS) does this for you by coordinating many carefully vetted experts in various fields so you can make decisions and take actions that generate significant results for your business.

We should talk if

You are overwhelmed with compliance reviews or are concerned:

  • You are spending too much time chasing insurance certificates.
  • Your managers, who are not insurance experts, are giving incorrect insurance advice.
  • Your distributors or franchisees are not obtaining affordable and accurate insurance coverage.
  • Possible issues:
    • Insufficient limits
    • Insurance not current or in force
    • Not having your company listed as an Additional Insured
    • Getting involved in claims where coverage does not respond properly

You have problems with independent contractors that are required to be incorporated:

  • Keeping up with current status of all INC’s
  • Form an LLC instead of an INC
  • Are Not in Good Standing with the state’s Secretary of State office
  • Have difficulty finding assistance with resolving the issues that are keeping them from being in Good Standing
  • Concerned about the legal cost and risk associated with not being in Compliance.

We reduce litigation and promote happy partnerships.


  • Identify problems before they become a crisis
  • Explain contractual requirements to independent contractors so they are better  prepared to follow up with required tasks
  • Empower independent contractors with information to start out as and continue to  be a successful business owner
  • Help ensure the distinction of employee v/s independent contractor is clear 
  • Understand that independent contractors are a great way to transfer risk, but  without monitoring, more risk can be created
  • Know that gaps in coverage for your contractors can impact profits for the company
  • Realize that contracts are important, but without monitoring can be more harmful  than helpful by producing unintended consequences
  • Have licensed insurance agents and strategic partners that can help advise independent  contractors
  • With litigation costs more expensive than ever, we know that compliance is more  important than ever
  • Help protect your company against both internal and external risks
  • Will save you time you have been wasting making multiple calls and sending  multiple emails chasing COI’s
  • Take the hassle of keeping up with renewal dates from you
  • Help lower costs, reduce risk, and increase compliance and production

We are NOT

  • Compliance help designed to act only after you are in trouble
  • Bogging down your team with compliance headaches
  • Paralyzed by regulator issues

Cost containments do not help unless you implement them. It is nearly impossible to be 100 percent confident your distributors are 100 percent in Compliance with INC Contracts. With DFS, you can be confident we are monitoring and making sure everything is being done to correct any issues.

Why us

The principals of Distributor Franchise Services have more than 30 years experience working with companies that distribute packaged goods product through independent contractors and franchisees. It allows us to have a unique perspective on the needs and solutions that your company and distributors need to succeed.

DFS provides training and consulting services to franchise owners to start, manage and grow their business. When a franchisee succeeds, your company succeeds. When they don’t, your company incurs numerous costs associated with recruiting, training, and supporting new distributors. That’s not cheap and your profits feel it!

On the other hand, having DFS help you recruit, select, train and support your front-line representatives means your distribution system is operating efficiently, effectively and profitability for all the parties involved.

Shon Messer MSFS, RFS

I help companies that rely on Independent Contractors to distribute their products and minimize their risk of exposure to lawsuits that suck time away from their priorities and take money out of their company.

How? By keeping their field delivery people engaged, productive and profitable.

Why? Happy contractors don’t sue. They work hard . . . to put good money in the bank for all parties.”

Book a call with Shon

“You could keep going with the way things are, with independent contractors who are  out of compliance costing you money in terms of lost sales and the possibility of  expensive litigation.

You could continue to let your independent contractors play as serial entrepreneurs and  suffer the consequences, or you could work with an experienced third party to make sure your independent  contractors are in compliance contractually and legally, and making money, which  makes you money.

Years ago, I heard Dan Sullivan say that you have 90% of what it takes. I’m just here to  give you that last 10%. Companies love to bring in consultants like me because, more  than anything, we’ll help you execute and, in a way, grant you permission to do what  you need to do.

Generally, as a consultant, I’m brought into companies for two reasons:

  •  Sales are being bogged down by paperwork and compliance.
  • The sales department is neglecting compliance, and there is concern about the potential for litigation.

I’m not professing to know your specific business. But I have recruited independent  contractors for 10 years. I’ve opened up new shops and facilitated sales of businesses. I  have worked with companies and thousands of independent contractors in 43 states. So  I understand first-hand the issues on both sides of the fence. I have even worked with  translators with companies that are multi-lingual. I do whatever it takes to make sure my  clients are happy and successful.

I know how to execute in a way that benefits the whole value chain, from the  manufacturer to the contractor to the operator to the delivery driver to the store manager  to the end consumer. I know how to maximize the value chain so that it works in terms  of efficiency and effectiveness.”

“But none of that means anything unless I can help you get what you want in the fastest,  easiest way possible. Everything we do at Distributor Franchise Services is customized  to your world to help you better execute your goals.

If you are finally ready to get the stress of independent contractor compliance off your  plate, then the very next thing you should do is schedule a short call with me.

On the call we can decide together if we’re a fit—do we like each other, respect each  other, and trust each other enough to continue to explore a collaboration.

I promise you’ll walk away with at least one valuable insight that will make the call worth  your time, even if we never speak again.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk!

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