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Shon Messer MSFS, RFS

I help companies that rely on Independent Contractors to distribute their products and minimize their risk of exposure to lawsuits that suck time away from their priorities and take money out of their company.

How? By keeping their field delivery people engaged, productive and profitable.

Why? Happy contractors don’t sue. They work hard . . . to put good money in the bank for all parties.”

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“You could keep going with the way things are, with independent contractors who are  out of compliance costing you money in terms of lost sales and the possibility of  expensive litigation.

You could continue to let your independent contractors play as serial entrepreneurs and  suffer the consequences, or you could work with an experienced third party to make sure your independent  contractors are in compliance contractually and legally, and making money, which  makes you money.

Years ago, I heard Dan Sullivan say that you have 90% of what it takes. I’m just here to  give you that last 10%. Companies love to bring in consultants like me because, more  than anything, we’ll help you execute and, in a way, grant you permission to do what  you need to do.

Generally, as a consultant, I’m brought into companies for two reasons:

  •  Sales are being bogged down by paperwork and compliance.
  • The sales department is neglecting compliance, and there is concern about the potential for litigation.

I’m not professing to know your specific business. But I have recruited independent  contractors for 10 years. I’ve opened up new shops and facilitated sales of businesses. I  have worked with companies and thousands of independent contractors in 43 states. So  I understand first-hand the issues on both sides of the fence. I have even worked with  translators with companies that are multi-lingual. I do whatever it takes to make sure my  clients are happy and successful.

I know how to execute in a way that benefits the whole value chain, from the  manufacturer to the contractor to the operator to the delivery driver to the store manager  to the end consumer. I know how to maximize the value chain so that it works in terms  of efficiency and effectiveness.”

“But none of that means anything unless I can help you get what you want in the fastest,  easiest way possible. Everything we do at Distributor Franchise Services is customized  to your world to help you better execute your goals.

If you are finally ready to get the stress of independent contractor compliance off your  plate, then the very next thing you should do is schedule a short call with me.

On the call we can decide together if we’re a fit—do we like each other, respect each  other, and trust each other enough to continue to explore a collaboration.

I promise you’ll walk away with at least one valuable insight that will make the call worth  your time, even if we never speak again.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk!

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