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We have witnessed the negative impact of a distributor not having an updated will, and we have a solution to help keep the same impact from happening to your family.
You need protection in the event of your death. It is our understanding that Flowers needs a will and executor to be able to handle the sale or management of your business in the event that something happens to you. Please update your will, or if you don’t have one we have an option for you. It is a quick, easy, safe, and affordable process. I have included General Information about Wills as well as a brochure for the Company US Legal Wills, the Services they provide, and a worksheet that you can use to prepare for the online questions.
To get started click on the below link. Use the code SMART to get a 10% discount. If you have any questions you can contact them at 1-888-660-WILL (888-660-9455)
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