Commercial Insurance

Truck And Business Insurance For Independent Contractors

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DSD Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance, Liability Insurance, Cargo Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Workers Compensation, and Health Insurance Across 41 States Nationwide 

DSD Insurance/Shubert & Associates, LLC provides insurance for independent contractors and companies who use independent contractors. We already have
programs in place with multiple vendors to keep you in compliance. The initials “DSD” stand for Direct Store Delivery, which describes the primary market focus of our insurance products and services. We are proud to provide independent contractor insurance markets that address the needs of our commercial customers who are in the business of routed product delivery and courier services.

We Do More Than Just Commercial Insurance
Let us help you with ALL of your insurance needs! DSD Insurance/Shubert & Associates, LLC is an independent insurance agency that represents numerous insurance companies with the right products at the right price! Contact us for a quote on your Home, Mobile Home, Personal Auto, Boat & Personal Watercraft, RV, Motorcycle, Aircraft & Life Insurance by contacting us.

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Commercial Auto, General Liability, Cargo and Hand-held Computer Insurance
• Protect yourself, your business and ‘mission critical’ equipment from loss • No down-payment required to secure coverage –– don’t delay, start today • Pay on weekly settlement –– this makes it easy and convenient for you • Meets your contractual requirements

Life Insurance 

• $50,000 or $100,000 coverage is available
• limited underwriting makes it easier and faster to get the coverage you want

Roadside Assistance
• Pays $250 to have your disabled truck towed-in for repairs

Vehicle Service Contracts
• Pays to repair mechanical breakdown/s that happen to your truck

Workers Compensation 

• Pays benefits to your employees who are injured on-the-job

Insurance Support Team
• Access 17 highly experienced, well-trained insurance professionals at any time
• Get guidance to navigate the various options, limitations, and exclusions of
• available policies so you make informed, sound decisions for your business
• Know your risks and use our team to have them covered, fully and properly

DSD Insurance 
Serving the Bread & Snack Independent Distributor Community since 1985

We provide insurance for independent contractors and companies who use independent contractor

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