Registered Agents for Independent Contractors

All states REQUIRE you to have a Registered Agent listed for your business.  If you do not have one, the state will revoke your company.  A registered agent (also referred to as resident agent, statutory representative or special state for service of process) is a state requirement to form a company. The appointed "agent" is responsible to receive and forward legal documents on your behalf. This ensures you don't have important documents handled inappropriately or missed all together.


The registered agent address is filed in each state a company has the authority to transact business in. This allows the public to access the agent address in the situation where a document needs to be served or forwarded. The documents will be recorded and forwarded to your company in a trackable and timely manner.


M&A partners with Corporate Creations to provide you this service. Corporate Creations will act as your Registered Agent.  They will be responsible for receiving and forwarding legal and compliance documents on your behalf.


Corporate Creations, Strategic Partner of Consulting by M&A