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Our company, Distributor Franchise Services (DFS), acts as coordinator / facilitator of contact to many experts in fields related to franchise business. Our program cuts through the confusion and complications to identify decisions and actions that produce immediate results.  We also act as an aggregator of the data and push it out to vendors based on the distributor’s interests and needs.

Budgeting Form

 Having a detailed budget is important to the success of your business. By planning how to spend your money, you can ensure you have enough at the end of the month. The purpose of a budget is not to live on less, but to help you manage your finances and ensure your requirements are met by planning in advance.

Incorporation is a step numerous companies with independent contractors are taking to reinforce the independent business relationship. This strengthens the business model. Click here to get started on forming your incorporation, or here for assistance with resolving any issues with your current incorporation.

Your settlement needs to be paid to a business account for payroll and taxes. Click here for a list of vetted accountants who are familiar with the IC model that can assist you.

You are required to carry both Auto and Business insurance for your company. Click here to get a quote for your new business.

Click here for information on a benefit program specifically designed for IC’s.

Click here for information on benefit programs developed for IC’s.

Being a business owner is an on-going learning process. Click here for information and assistance for all areas of your business.

We know that some of the major issues territory owners face are cash flow management, tax payments, and managing personal and business finances. Click here to utilize our budgeting form to help you better manage the finances for your business.