Insurance FAQs for Independent Contractors

How many insurance policies do I need?

  • You are required to have two business policies. A commercial auto policy and a Business Package Policy (general liability / cargo). Remember to review the information in the packets you receive from your insurance company to ensure your correct information is listed. Remember to keep the ID cards provided in the corresponding truck, and the rest of the paperwork in a secure location.

The personal information on my policy is incorrect or has changed, what do I do?

  • Contact your insurance agent and make the changes. It is important that all information on your insurance policies is accurate.

Who can drive my vehicle, and who is covered when operating it?

  • Commercial auto insurance “follows the vehicle.” If the individual operating your vehicle has a valid driver's license and your permission, they are covered under your insurance policy and your coverage will be primary in any accident they may have. If you have an individual who will operate your vehicle on a regular basis, make sure they are listed as a scheduled driver on your policy.

Why is my commercial auto rate different from another distributor's?

  • Auto rates vary based on many factors. These include: *Age *Driving Record *Garaging Location *Vehicle Type *Vehicle Size *Vehicle Value *State Requirements / Taxes.

I don't understand some of the terms in my policy. Who can help?

  • Your insurance agent should be able to explain any coverage you are unclear on in your policy.

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