Health, Dental and Vision Insurance for Independent Contractors

The Independent Distributor Consulting Association (IDCA) serves independent distributors of the bakery and grain based industry for their Health, Dental/Vision, Accident and Business Consulting needs.


IDCA has the resources and expertise that will assist you in your business that includes:

  • Business consulting (Business growth, customer relations, accounts receivable, etc.)
  • Human Resources consulting (Employee relations, hiring, on boarding etc.)
  • Leadership & Work/Life Balance coaching (Enhanced performance, time management, etc.)
  • Benefits (Health, dental/vision, accident, etc.)


In addition to the services listed our consultants have served as key members and consultants to business owners, companies, teams and board committees in various functions in all types of businesses in the grain based industry.


IDCA provides quality benefit programs including:

  • Healthcare plans with prescription drug benefits
  • A Dental/Vision plan
  • A 24-Hour Accident plan

If you like more information on the consulting services and benefits offered by IDCA, have any questions or need assistance please visit our website at





Call an IDCA representative toll free 24/7 at 1-844-892-7410 or email us at:


*The services provided by IDCA are consulting services only and are not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, tax, medical, mental or other qualified professionals.  Any consulting services provided by IDCA that develop into such a need, you will be instructed to seek independent professional guidance for such matters.