Insurance Plans for Independent Business Route Owners


JLP & Associates offers an insurance benefit program specifically designed for the Franchise Owners that contract with subsidiaries of Flowers Foods, Inc.  Our insurance program offers Short and Long Term Disability, Basic Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) and Cancer/Specified Disease plans. 

JLP & Associates is your settlement deduction insurance provider for these products.  Currently we have over 4,000 Franchise Owners who participate in our program.  In 2016 the program paid over $3,000,000 in disability claims and $150,000 in life insurance claims.


Here is how our program works:

The Disability insurance plan provides 24-hour coverage should you get sick or injured and are unable to work.  The Disability benefit will pay you a benefit in the amount of $600 per week (some locations offer another higher weekly benefit amount option) and a benefit maximum of 3 years to supplement your loss of income.  This insurance program also includes a $50,000 Life/AD&D benefit and a Cancer/Specified Disease benefit.

The Disability and Life/AD&D benefits are packaged together and insured by the Hartford Insurance Company.  Your Disability and Life/AD&D benefits Include:

• 24-hour coverage on or off job

• Loss of Income replacement for accidental injury and/or sickness

• Benefits start on the 8th day for accidental injury & on the 14th day for sickness

• Benefit Duration – 3 years

• Flat $50,000 Life Insurance benefit amount

• Additional amount of $50,000 for an Accidental Death & Dismemberment claim


The Cancer/Specified Disease benefit is insured by Humana Insurance Company.  You may consider adding this plan to your Disability and Life/AD&D package.  The Cancer/Specified Disease benefit works in addition to your disability and/or health benefits.  Examples of a few of the benefits payable under this plan are:

• Initial Cancer Diagnosis Rider - $2,500 (excluding skin cancer other than melanoma)

• Surgery up to $3,000

• Hospital confinement of $300 per day (no limit on number of days)

• Radiation and Chemotherapy of up to $2,500 per month

• Wellness Benefit Rider up to $50 per person/per year such as mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy, chest x-ray and many more benefits….


Please refer to the below attached “Franchise Owners Brochure” for a detailed description of the benefits and settlement deduction cost.

If you wish to enroll or need information regarding the products offered within our program please call and ask to speak with:


Erica Skog

844.573.8089  Ext.1003


Mary Jakeway

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