Compliance and Business Assistance for Independent Contractors

Why do over 5,000 Independent Contractors trust us for business and compliance assistance?

We provide simple, plug and play solutions that make starting and managing your business easier and quicker for you while helping you manage your cash flow as well!


Are you an independent Contractor?

Do you own a franchise or business? If so, we can help you honor your compliance obligations, grow revenues and limit your financial losses.

Our goal is to help you anticipate and act on potential risks to your success ‘up front’ so you can enjoy a business that you’re proud to own and is pro table. Managing the risks and liabilities your business has helps you focus on your opportunities and that increases your income and retained earnings.

Distributor Franchise Services (DFS) does this for you by coordinating many carefully vetted experts in various fields so you can make decisions and take actions that generate significant results for your business.


Why DFS?

Two reasons:

   1) Compliance Monitoring for Franchisors

   2) Training and Consulting for Franchisees


Does your company distribute products through independent contractors or franchisees?

If so, you’re probably concerned that franchisees who are not in compliance with corporate and government regulations are creating a financial liability for your company.

Unfortunately, many franchisees are overwhelmed by the demands of operating their business and staying on top of the many rules and regulations required to remain in compliance with corporate, state and federal regulations.

DFS monitors your franchisees companies for non-compliance in any areas you choose and reports discrepancies to you for timely and appropriate follow-up. is limits your risk of exposure to liabilities created by people who either don’t know or don’t do what you’re expecting.


What differentiates DFS from other consulting firms?

The principals of Distributor Franchise Services have more than 30 years experience working with companies that distribute packaged goods product through independent contractors and franchisees. It allows us to have a unique perspective on the needs and solutions that your company and distributors need to succeed.

DFS provides training and consulting services to franchise owners to start, manage and grow their business. When a franchisee succeeds, your company succeeds. When they don’t, your company incurs numerous costs associated with recruiting, training, and supporting new distributors. That’s not cheap and your profits feel it!

On the other hand, having DFS help you recruit, select, train and support your front-line representatives means your distribution system is operating efficiently, effectively and profitability for all the parties involved.


About Shon Messer, MSFS / Managing Partner




My mission is helping independent contractors start, manage, grow their business and protect their assets.
I provide solutions that are brainless and painless to understand and implement in your business with my help.


I’ve personally worked with over 5,000 business owners in 41 states. I worked in the fields of risk management, insurance, finance, compliance, time management, business formation, sales, management and marketing for over 20 years. I read 30 new books per year in my field. I believe if you stop getting better, you cease being good.


I earned my Master’s Degree in Family Financial Planning and Counseling from the the University of Alabama, my Bachelors Degree from Faulkner University in Human Resource Management as well as my RFC (Registered Financial Consultant) -- a professional designation recognized throughout the financial services industry.


I have 2 great kids and enjoying boating, reading, exercise, golf and spending time with my family.


Call Shon to start a conversation ​today at​ 205-518-8984.


About Leah Kee


leah kee


Leah Kee has been a licensed insurance agent for five years, and most of the policies she has written have been commercial auto, commercial liability, and workers compensation for independent distributors. Over the past five years, she has managed policies for thousands of distributors, and understands the uniqueness of how their business is carried out. Because of this knowledge, she understands the importance of making managing the business part of the job as easy to keep up with as possible.


Leah has been married to her husband, Michael, since 2001 and lives in her hometown, which she likens to Mayberry. She enjoys reading, cooking, teaching children and youth at her church and spending time with her family and pets.